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Supertato Nominated for a BAA!

Well, isn't this exciting?

Supertato, created by the wonderful Blue Zoo and Brighton Zoo and airs on CBeebies, has been nominated for the Children's Choice award at the British Animation Awards.

Playing Carrot, Supertato's trusty BFF and sidekick, has been an incredible experience. (Click the Carrot link, I also am the voice over of this promo). She has challenged me vocally and physically and I have learned so much about myself as a performer in these sessions. I knew I was a physically active person, animated and someone who 'talks with my hands' but I hadn't quite expected myself to get SO into the leaping and backflipping and falling from the sky-ing.

Right... well, I appreciate I'm not actually backflipping or falling from the sky, but I do convey this through my voice, and the walla bank at Fuse Post is chock-full of yells, wahhhhh's and whups, yaaaahh's, eeeeehhh's and so many lines called from a distance.

The team behind this colourful series are a dream to work with. I'd like to name everyone here but that would be impossible. Instead, I'll mention who I am most in the room with:

Tracy Nampala is an actor's delight to work with. She knows the script inside out, and how to get the best performance for a character. So much fun, chat and tea!

Jo Jordan, eagle eyed producer who can spot a change of tone in a line and know how it needs to be said for the target audience. Such a warm encouraging presence, I could sit and talk all day.

And Simon Couzens, sound enthusiast, walking music encyclopedia, missing member of AC/DC, makes the whole studio experience unforgettable and so comfortable. Its a lot of hours pretending to backflip with only your voice!

And so to Thursday 7th March at the BFI...fingers and fronds are crossed that we win the Children's Choice Award (I mean, the children chose it! What an honour!). I will be sitting in my seat waiting for Evil Pea to come out and sabotage the whole event and make it the Evil Pea Award, but thats just me and my imagination and the affect this cartoon has had on me.

I will update soon!

And yes, I will be wearing orange and green. I have become a method actor.


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